Services in Egypt

 Audustry Industrial Services

Computerized Maintenance Scheduling

1.     We help our customer to establish their own computerized maintenance systems.

Manufacturing of all Plastic Packages

Improving Maintenance Plans in Factories

1.     Our specialized team will help you improve your existing Maintenance Plans


Machine Fault Prediction using Wireless Networks

1.     We can install our award winning system on your machine and production line to alert you before machine failure happens.


Improving Machine Reliability

1.     When installing our Machine Fault Prediction on your total Production Line, it will contribute significantly in improving your machine reliability.


Automation of Manually Operated Processes

1.     If you have any manually operated machine, our engineering and automation team can help you in turning it automatic or semi automatic depending on your budget and your requirement.

Simulation of Manufacturing Processes

1.     If you think of developing a new product, our Research and Development team (R & D) can help you by simulating your Manufacturing Process and producing your first prototype.

2.     Our Reverse Engineering Team can help you in modifying new and existing products.


Measurement of Vibration on-site.

1.     We introduce this service for our regular Maintenance Contract* customer.

2.     We offer you a free* vibration measurement for one of your important machine once a year and send you an official stamped report.


Installing Vibration Monitoring Systems.

1.     We introduce a very economic and reliable vibration monitoring system with friction of market price if your order more than 36 points.

2.     We introduce a wireless network for monitoring all your machines and connecting it to your maintenance team wirelessly.


Introducing PLC Services and Its Maintenance.

1.     If you have any faulty machine due to control unit we replace it for you.

2.     We do migration services from PLC system to another.



Introducing SCADA Services and its Maintenance.

1.     We can connect your entire factory to one dedicated control room.

2.     SCADA System – Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System.




Audustry Consultancy Services


Helping Companies to Get ISO-14000 Certificates for Environment issues.

1.     We know that you care about environment.

2.     Our team helps you to apply Eco-Friendly Production Schemes.

3.     Our Trained team helps you apply Cleaner Production System.

4.     We help you to work towards Pollution Prevention Production.

 Helping Companies in ISO-9000 Certificates for Quality Assurance issues.

1.     We help you to produce your Quality Manual.

2.     We also help companies in producing their own Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).


 Training for Trainers.

We help you building your Human Resources Capacities and Competences.


• Training of Technical Staff.

1.     We introduce a wide range of customized Technical Training in our premises and on customer site.

2.     We can also custom tailored your training requirement.


Performing Technical Improvement Plans on Industrial Processes.

1.     We believe in Technical Improvement Plans (TIPs).

2.     We encourage companies to perform (TIPs) regularly.


Textile Consultancy Services.

1.     Our Consultancy Team is ready to help all your production problems.

2.     Talk to our process optimization specialist to help you optimize your current process.


 Color Management and Color Quality Control

1.     If you are working in color industry e.g. (Paint, Dyes, Pigment, Inks, Food color). We are ready to design for you new color and help you in your new and current color management.


• Total Color Measurement and Management.

1.     We help you in choosing your suitable color measurement system.

2.     We help you in designing your industry suitable color management system.